The BB ALERT® products are not complicated and have been designed for use by:

Pest management professionals to confirm Bed Bug activity prior to treatment and to verify treatment effectiveness as well as provide on-going service contracts and contractual revenue.

Home owners; to detect the presence of Bed Bugs.
Owners and managers in the health, hospitality and similar industries who hold responsibility for the well being of their clients.
Whether you are an anxious home -owner, an industry professional, a pest control specialist or just intrigued by the Bed Bug "plague" that is engulfing the world, we hope that you will find something of interest and value in this site.


Midmos Solutions Ltd is a subsidiary of Brandenburg UK Ltd.

Brandenburg UK was established in 1948, and enjoys a global reputation as a leader in providing highly effective, pesticide-free products for the pest control industry.

MidMos Solutions is dedicated to developing affordable, safe, effective, environmentally-friendly Bed Bug control products for use by private individuals, business owners and pest control specialists.

For further information please contact MidMos Solutions Ltd

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