The BB ALERT® products are not complicated and have been designed for use by:

Pest management professionals to confirm Bed Bug activity prior to treatment and to verify treatment effectiveness as well as provide on-going service contracts and contractual revenue.

Home owners; to detect the presence of Bed Bugs.
Owners and managers in the health, hospitality and similar industries who hold responsibility for the well being of their clients.
Whether you are an anxious home -owner, an industry professional, a pest control specialist or just intrigued by the Bed Bug "plague" that is engulfing the world, we hope that you will find something of interest and value in this site.


BB ALERT® O2PM is an eco-responsible and pesticide-free technique for the removed of Bed Bugs from sensitive items.

Bed Bugs are small, parasitic insects that feed on the blood of warm blooded animals, particularly people. Although they feed on people, they do not live on their host, and prefer to live in the safety of small cracks and crevices close to where the host remains inactive or sleeps. Typically, these include the mattress, bed frame, furniture, and any other items that contain small cracks or crevices.

This presents problems for traditional Bed Bug elimination treatments. It is often impractical or just not possible to successfully treat some of these items with approved pesticides. Examples include mattresses, delicate soft furnishings, electronics such as televisions, or personal items such as clothing.

The BB ALERT® O2PM treatment method has been developed specifically for these situations. Sensitive items are placed inside special plastic "Flexibags". The bags are sealed, and the oxygen removed from inside the bag.

Oxygen is required even by Bed Bugs, and oxygen depletion is a well-researched technique that has been proven to be effective against all stages of Bed Bug development. The insects are simply eliminated by oxygen starvation.

The items treated by the BB ALERT® O2PM technique remain protected within the "Flexibag" throughout the 10 day process, which is critical to the complete success of the treatment, after which they can be cleaned and immediately returned to use.

The BB ALERT® O2PM technique is designed for use by both pest control professionals and in-house service or maintenance personnel.

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